Domain & Hosting

Create your own Identity on Web

Domain Name Registration

A domain name refers to the named address or identification label for your location on the internet. The domain name allows others to access your website directly with an easy to remember address instead of using a numeric IP address.Registering a domain name secures that specific internet address. No one else can use that particular domain name on the internet.
Web Server Space
Once you registered your domain name you have to allocate the web space for website. This space is depended on website data. This web space is used to store the text files, images, scripts, databases, emails and other all data related to website. Uploaded content always show your website online.
Hosting Services
It's pretty simple really, every website is made up of a bunch of files and those files need to be stored on some computer that can be accessed by anyone on the internet. Web hosting is simply that computer storing the files, it is usually rented out to you or anyone who wants to have a website.

Lightning Fast Website

Our web application accelerator, powered by Varnish Cache, ensures the maximum performance of your website at all times

Email included

Advanced email management features in cPanel allow you manage your emails, mailing lists and more without any hassles.

cPanel for Management

cPanel, an intuitive and powerful control panel, is available on all plans which makes your hosting package management a breeze!