App Developement

Mobile Application

Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our daily life. Daily we use morning alarm, using Whatsapp, listening to music, reading the News, watching YouTube videos, checking emails, updating project status and so on, everything is seamlessly executed from our mobile devices. Then we daily use app store for download new apps.Mobile apps are increasingly playing a vital role in business with a larger customer base as well as workforce relying on the convenience of access on-demand to information & solutions.

BMITSPL is a rapidly growing mobile application(app) development company. Our company has developed smartphone apps for Android, Hybrid applications. Our mobile apps development process includes not only designing and development of mobile apps, but also seeks front-end, and a back-end maintenance and support. Our trustworthy hosting service offers our clients the flexibility of having us manage their data for content-heavy apps.

Types Of Mobile App

 Native Application

Native applications are the application that are present on the devices and are accessed through device home screen.Native apps are installed through google play store. They are developed specifically for one platform.

Web Application

Web applications are not real applications. They are really websites that have the look and feel of mobile applications. They are usually run into browsers and are built using HTML5. Users can access them as they can access a simple web page.

Hybrid Application -

Hybrid applications are part of native apps as well as web apps. These apps can live in the play store and can be downloaded and used. Like web apps, they depend on HTML type of coding rendered in a browser. To develop hybrid apps frameworks like phone gap, ionic etc. can be used.

Importance of Mobile App

 Visible to Customers

While in all probability solely one or two of application frame the majority of this total usage, it doesn’t modification the very fact that every user has got to unlock, scroll, and scan their device for the apps they’re searching for.Being “in the way” are often a bonus to your company, as our mind unconsciously will record each image and text (or well-designed app icon!) it comes across — albeit it happens forgotten.

Direct Marketing Medium

Apps serve several functions: they will give general data, prices, booking forms, search options, user accounts, messengers, news feeds, and far a lot of.One of the largest advantages of getting a mobile app is that each one the knowledge you’d wish to give to your customers – as well as special sales and promotions – is true at their fingertips.Through push notifications, you return nearer to an on the spot interaction, and may simply cue customers regarding your product and services whenever it is smart.

 Campaign For Customers

Talking concerning on-hand info, however, concerning digitalizing that loyalty program you have got in place? rather than projected to the recent point-collection card, build it doable for your customers to gather their rewards via your mobile app. The result? additional downloads and additional come back, customers. Create a campaign and increase your marketing and Benefit. Drive a more traffic on your mobile app and Website.

Build Brand and Recognition

Brand. A mobile app is sort of a blank hoarding sign. you'll do what you would like with it; you'll create it fashionable, hip, functional, shocking, or informative. however what you actually wish associated do is produce an app that has options your customers can love, whereas at a constant time is well branded and fantastically designed.Recognition. The additional typically you'll get customers attached your app, the earlier they'll be inclined to shop for your product and/or service. In advertising, this can be referred to as the “effective frequency”.

Customer Engagement

No matter whether or not you're merchandising flowers or spa services, your customers would like some way to succeed in you. Having an electronic communication (or facilitate desk) feature among your app will extremely build a distinction within the manner you communicate along with your customers.Think about it: OpenTable, for instance, engineered its entire business model around this principle.