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5 Reasons why SEO is a continuous & Long Term Process

5 Reasons why SEO is a continuous & Long-Term Process

Many people thought that SEO is a one time process, just do on-page SEO and submit it in all directories and now wait to rank website. If this is your consideration, then you are totally wrong. This consideration will definitely lead your website to disaster mode and of course your online presence and your total business. So don’t underestimate the SEO work and understand it properly and do it.
So here is the why SEO is a continuous process.


1. Your competitors:

Your competitors are increasing daily and they are performing SEO too. So this will increase in number of websites and thus increase in competition on search engine result page (SERP). The competitor may target your geographic area, so this will again affect on your local ranking of your website.


2. Search Engine Algorithm:

Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on are continuously update and improvise their algorithms. So it is very important to stay updated with these search engine algorithms. These algorithms get smarter every day, so if you are tricking with search engine by doing black-hat SEO, this will harm your website and get penalized if their updated algorithms caught your website for doing black-hat SEO.


3. Page rank:

Continuous SEO maintains your page ranking. An SEO ranking study of businesses who discontinued their SEO campaigns found page ranking drop for these business by 30% and those who continued with their SEO campaigns were rewarded with an 18% increase in top page rankings.


4. Search user behavior:

Because of continuous changes in user search behavior, you have to do keyword research time to time or you have to update your keyword database for new opportunity. There are many new things, products, topics, news are comes in the market every second. If anything is related to your business or any new trend is in your business niche, then you should get updated on your website.


5. Fresh Content:

Content is the core part of successful digital marketing campaign. Whether the content is for paid advertising, blog, landing page or for the website. Your content should be optimized with proper keywords. Good SEO suggests that updating the content weekly on website helps you to gain higher page rank than those who doesn’t. Because the Google algorithm always searches for the new content or updated content.

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